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Musco Fuel & Propane

585 Wolcott Rd.
Wolcott, CT 06716

866-PROPANE (776-7263)
Fax: 203-879-1882

Business Hours:
Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (Summer)
Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m.-noon.


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Ratings And Reviews

Google Review:

Mary Coleman

“Great customer service, quick to come to you in emergencies. Decent prices.”

Yelp Reviews:

5 Stars, Sharon M, Wolcott

“Musco Propane really came through for me! They went out of their way to get my heat going. The sales man, the installers, customer service, everyone! I made one call, Musco Propane did the rest! Amazing! All for a very reasonable price!
I highly recommend Musco Propane.”

Clif M, 5 Stars

“Great company, quick service 24 hrs. Nice employees. Just a very good oil and propane company.”

Diana & Robert , Wolcott CT

“Wish there were more companies in our area like Musco Fuel & heating! We can't thank them enough for their outstanding customer service! EVERY time I call I get a friendly helpful gal.
Drivers always accommodating, too. I went through stage 3 breast cancer, Randy I will never forget how kind you were to extend a helpful hand in our situation. We have been steady customers & recommend Musco every time we can. 10 Stars here!”

Joe M, Oakville CT

“Great company to work with. I haven't had an issue since they installed my propane water heater and propane stove almost 5 years ago. 5 Stars from me!”

BBB Review:


“I made one call. Musco Propane took care of everything for me. They went above and beyond to get my heat up and running. Because I couldn't be home, I work 9-5. They worked with the town, permit, inspection, so I did not have to take time off from work. When I came home, there was no mess to clean up. They really did take care of everything- all at a very reasonable price.”


Facebook Reviews:

Paul Ferrucci

“Dom and Randy great to deal with.” 5 Stars

Gale Lanza Mastrofrancesco

“A big thank you to the staff at Musco Fuel for coming to our rescue. Around 8 PM this evening our furnace overheated and steam was pouring out. We called Musco Fuel and they were at my house within 45 minutes and my furnace was repaired by 10 PM! Their technician was very professional, courteous and went above and beyond anything I ever expected. Thank you again for providing outstanding service. You guys are awesome!!!”

Jeannine Marquis Hayes- 5 Stars

Review 1: “Saved us from a cold weekend! Looking forward to a long relationship with a great company!!!”

Review 2: “As I sit here in my AC, and realize I am very lucky. A BIG THANKS to Musco Fuel & Propane LLP, 2 weeks ago during one of those heat waves, our AC went out. Needing to keep house around 75 for mom breathing, I reached out to Ellen Petroniro and Dom, who troubleshot my system over the phone as they were leaving Florida. They sent someone first thing the next day. He cleaned out our system. We didn't know we were supposed to clean periodically. First central air for us. Its been 19 years. They could have said you need a new system, we would have done it. NO, they are HONEST, their guy cleaned out the units outside in the heat and the inside. It is as good as new. Thank you!!!”   

Review 3: “A BIG THANK YOU to Musco Fuel & Propane LLP. My dear hubby misjudged our oil level, ordered oil delivery for next week, woke up this am to a very cold house. We called our company that we have been with for 20 yrs and they couldn't come until tomorrow. So we called Musco Fuel, we live in Wolcott and have been talking of switching. If they treat new customers this great, short notice, snow predictions and weekend, we are now customers. Next to switch over is our propane. Thanks again to the staff at Musco Fuel!!!!!!! LIKE LIKE LIKE

Michael Scacco – 5 Stars

“You will be hard pressed to find a more passionate, positive and professional company who posses respect, integrity and family as part of their main characteristic. I highly recommend then as a vendor who has set the bar in integrity, professionalism, trust and knowledge. Excellent company!!!! Excellent service!!!”

Anne Hanis

“So of course the furnace breaks just in time for the coldest week. But never fear, Musco Fuel to the rescue! Thanks Dom and company for coming out!”

Jack Giacomi

“The entire Petroniro clan, from Randy and Denise to Dom and Ellen are great people to know and do business with. You couldn't ask for better people. Our first Christmas Eve in our new home in 2007, the furnace quit early in the morning. Since it was still under warranty, we called the firm that the builder hired to install it. They told us that they couldn't get anyone up there until the day after Christmas! My wife argued with them to no avail and then called me in a panic and, practically in  tears, appealed for me to do something. I called Musco Fuel. Tammy answered and, after I explained my problem, told me that even though I didn't have a service package with them (because the furnace was still under warranty) she would send someone up to look at the furnace. 20 minutes later a service tech showed up and fixed the problem in about 10 minutes. I called to thank them for the prompt service on Christmas Eve and asked them how much I owed. Randy picked up the phone and said, "Your family has been good customers of ours for many years. That's payment enough"! I will forever be a customer of Musco Fuel.”

Sharon Miket

Review 1: “Thank you for getting my heat installed so quickly! I really appreciate everything that your team did for me. It is comforting to know that I could trust Musco Propane to follow through with promises made! Thank you, again.”

Review 2: “When I found myself in an "empty nest" it was difficult for me to use the pellet stove, lifting a ton of pellet bags by myself. Musco Fuel came to my home and recommended a propane insert in my fireplace. They took care of everything for me. I have never been happier. Love my warm home!”

Make a Wish Connecticut

“A big shout out to Randy of Musco Fuel & Propane LLP for helping to make Kylie's wish come true! Without the hard work and generosity of Randy and his friends and family in the Wolcott community, a little girl's dream of having a playset in her backyard would have never happened. We are so grateful for people like Randy who support our mission to grant every child's heartfelt wish. Welcome to the Make-A-Wish family, Randy!”

Joe Nardelli

“Been a customer since 2005, never used anyone else, they are all very nice at there office, and anytime you call them, they are very respectable and pleasant, never had a bad experience.”

Brenda Lee

“Had their service for many, many years. Known then even longer! Always Honest, Excellent and fastest customer service, never hesitate to help you in anyway at anytime of the day.
Love them!!! Recommend them ALWAYS.”

Lena Persico-Geraci

“A few years back when my dad was still alive and living with me, our heat went out and I could not get the furnace to go on. I called Musco Fuel and the girl on the phone said it's the nurse on Hampshire with the elderly father. Someone was at my house in less than 10 minutes to fix the problem quickly so I wouldn't be late for work. Great service and it's wonderful to know that they know their customers! My dad would go to the office to pay the bills just so he could flirt with the girls!”

Joy La Mere

“We love you because you always work with us for payments. Such a great family business and we really appreciate it.”

Rene Brouillard

“We have been long time Musco fuel customers service is great, I get oil for my shop and propane for my home, always fast and excellent service. Dom has helped us out with service many of time and is always so professional. Randy always has great prices even in the dead of winter! Thanks Again Guys!”

Rob Pierpont

“We've been customers for years. When it was time to replace our old boiler we had Musco do the job. In addition, they installed a propane fireplace. Their customer service is second to none!”

Pat Spino

“I can attest to the customer service and passion that the employees and family have to there customer. Came home last Friday with no heat in the house in a night went it was very cold. Called Musco and within a 15 minutes a family member called and calmed me down and told me s text would be up within one hour. Danny came up and what a nice guy fixed the problem and stayed until he was sure it was working correct Musco guild rocks!!! Thank you again and please look into  being a customer.”

Karyn Edwards

“Randy Petroniro is amazing person with a gigantic heart. His generosity is outstanding and Musco Fuel goes above and beyond for the community.”

Karen Gaudiosi

“Been with them for 13 years and they have always given me A+ service.”

Besim Polozani

“The Musco team and family are amazing people you guys are the best!”

Dixie Dave Dugan

“Best and fastest service ever.”

Robin Lavallee


Susan Crochet-Smith

“I know the Petroniro brothers well. They will do anything to help others no matter what. Their company has a long history in Waterbury & the surrounding towns. Family owned & operated with community & satisfaction being their number one goal.”


Customer's Reviews:

“Woke up at 2 A.M. to a cold house. Discovered that our boiler wasn’t working, on the coldest night of the year so far. I called Musco Fuel, and a technician was here within 30 minutes and had the boiler running shortly after. We have been Musco customers for years, and really appreciate their prompt, professional service. Many thanks to Randy Petroniro and the entire Musco team! - Rob P.

“They never fail to serve their customers promptly. They're the best.” - Jack G.

“Musco is the best. You can always count on them. Service, service techs and office staff.” - Lynn C.

"Good people always willing to help their neighbors here in town." - Barbara H.

“Hats off to Musco Fuel. Randy Petroniro personally delivered my propane way past business hours on Saturday to make sure his customers had heat. To be honest, I have no idea how much I had (nor do I know our personal delivery dates) or if I was close to empty but nonetheless he came out during this frigid cold weather over the weekend (past business hours) to make sure. Thank you very much for always being there for our family.” - Karyn E.

“Musco Fuel has always been there for us. Auto delivery (propane) always on time and the few times we’ve needed emergency calls - they’ve always been there for us.” - Kim B.

“We have used Musco for years and never have had an issue. We are set up for automatic every 2 weeks, but if we run low I just call and they are very accommodating.” - Jon S.

“Musco has always been fantastic with delivery and customer service! So thankful or them today with this cold weather!” - TJ

“I use Musco for oil and propane. Prompt service. Great office staff. Never had a problem when I asked them questions and they were right there when I had problems this week!! A+ rating.” - Sandy M.

“I just realized we were almost out of propane & contacted Musco at 9:07 PM and they were at my house filling up my tank 10 minutes later. Literally the most impressive costumer service I have ever encountered.” - Katrina B.

“Came home Monday night to some issues at my house and concerns of a possible leak. Talked to someone right away and the truck was here within 30 min. The driver (I believe his name was Lou) showed me how he was testing all of the equipment despite the freezing temps and double-checked all appliances before he left. Guy had been running non-stop and was still awesome, as well as the woman I spoke with on the phone.” - Nick L.

“Musco has always been there for me. Never a problem. I don’t use oil, only propane in the fireplace. So I am not a big account. Yet, they treat me as though I am. When I had an issue, Ellen was kind and patient on the phone! Dom came to my house right away. Excellent service. I am very happy with Musco!” - Sharon M.

“My Mom has been using Musco since the F&S fiasco. They do her oil, furnace, and maintain her outside oil tank. Whenever she has an issue they are there very quickly no matter what the time.” - Chris J.

“I’ve been a customer with Musco Fuel and Propane for over 20 years. Never had an issue! I will never forget several years back we purchased a new construction home-we called Musco to come down and check the furnace out for us. What a blessing that Dom-Service Manager/owner came down and noticed that our ventilation was extremely poor on our new HVAC system installed by the contractors company. Fumes were backing into our home. It turned out that the masons had to knock the chimney down reassemble the entire chimney and liners. One of the flues was completely blocked with stone and Mortar. Can you say Carbon monoxide!? This is one of many stories about Musco’s customer service and knowledge. One of the most knowledgeable companies you will find.” - Mike M.

“Musco has always been great to me and my family! Prompt service calls and always delivering propane on time!” - Jess K.

“We have had fantastic service from Musco Propane for many, many years. We are "pre-pay" propane customers & receive regular scheduled deliveries throughout the winter. But because we have 3 propane fireplaces & a whole house propane generator, we know enough to check our fuel level on a regular basis. On the 2 occasions we have needed a non-scheduled delivery, we called & received a refill the same day, even once with the owner as a delivery driver! Now THAT'S great service!” - Denise C.

“We were dangerously low on propane heading into this storm and super cold weekend. I called Musco this morning and they did not hesitate to send someone out in the blizzard to make sure we were taken care of. Their top-notch customer service made up for my lack of being on top of things. It is extremely rare these days to find a company that still values customer service and this deserved a shout out. Keep it up Musco! You'll get many recommendations from me.” - Doug B.

“Thank you for being amazing! Truly exceptional customer service, timely response to emergencies and automatic oil deliveries. I couldn’t be happier.” - Raya A.

“Thank you so much for helping my husband and I with propane in our new home. You've made everything effortless and stressfree and I look forward to our business relationship. Chris Coates is the absolute best” - Katie R.

“Thank you guys for keeping us warm on short notice. Hector and all the other guys, your efforts don't go unnoticed.”- Phillip R.

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Musco Fuel & Propane